January 10, 2023 - Vapor 3.8.0

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Thank you to our users for reporting bugs, feature requests, and questions to our forum. We really appreciate it!

New Enhancements

  • 3157 - Jupyter Widgets can now be embedded in Jupyter notebook sessions running Vapor’s Python API, and Jupyter notebook visualizers are now interactive so the camera can be repositioned from within a running notebook.

    To install Vapor’s Python API:

    • Install Anaconda

    • Run the following commands:

conda create -n vapor python=3.9
conda activate vapor
conda install -c conda-forge -c ncar-vapor vapor
  • 3230 - Allow user to load and save camera viewpoint as a file

Bug fixes

  • 3280 - VAPOR 3.7 crashes on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

  • 3257 - VAPOR crashes when run through Rosetta (x86 emulation) on arm64 based M1 Macbook. Missing library?

  • 3250 - Particles jump with reduced Y extents

  • 3246 - Particle renderer does not work without selecting velocity variables

  • 3244 - Particles disappear when “Enable 3D Geometry” Disabled

  • 3243 - Crash in UnstructuredGrid3D

  • 3094 - Mess up smoke test headers won’t break build

As always, please keep engaging us on our forum!

Thank you!

-The Vapor Team