Displays a series of user defined contours along a two dimensional plane within the user’s domain.

Basic Controls

This renderer contains all of Vapor’s standard renderer controls: the Variables, Appearance, Geometry, and Annotation tabs.

Specialized Controls

The Contour Renderer has specialized controls in its Appearance tab, under the heading “Contour Properties”.

Spacing controls the incremental increase in data value between contours

Count controls how many contours are currently being drawn

Contour Minimum sets the value of the lowest valued contour in the series

Height Variable

Renderers that work with 2D data can make use of a height variable. When a height variable is specified in the Variables tab, the rendering in the two-dimensional plane willbe offset by the values of that height variable.

An Image and Wireframe renderer making use of a height variable, offsetting their 2D planes
../_images/imageHeight.png ../_images/wireframeHeight.png