Image Renderer


The images that come bundled with Vapor are relatively coarse in resolution. If a higher resolution map is needed, you can download a 500 meter version of NASA’s Big Blue Marble here.


The Image Renderer displays a georeferenced image that is automatically reprojected and fit to the user’s data, as long as the data contains georeference metadata.

The Image Renderer may be offset by a height variable to show bathymetry or mountainous terrain.

Basic Controls

This renderer contains a subset of Vapor’s standard renderer controls: the Variables, Appearance, and Geometry tabs.

The Image Renderer’s Appearance tab does not contain a transfer function since it is not rendering any variable with color or opacity.

Georeferenced Images

Georeferenced images may be selected for rendering in the Appearance tab. Vapor comes bundled with two georeferenced image products: NaturalEarth, and BigBlueMarble.

If an image contains transparency, this transparency can be toggled with the Ignore transparency checkbox. Vapor’s BigBlueMarble contains transparency over its ocean regions so that sub-surface ocean models may be viewed alongside land masses.

Height Variable

Renderers that work with 2D data can make use of a height variable. When a height variable is specified in the Variables tab, the rendering in the two-dimensional plane willbe offset by the values of that height variable.

An Image and Wireframe renderer making use of a height variable, offsetting their 2D planes
../_images/imageHeight.png ../_images/wireframeHeight.png